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About Maharaja Agrasain Dham

Maharaja Agrasain Dham is located in Bagnan of Howrah district in West Bengal. This Dham is being built on a 300-bigha plot. Late Karmayogi Pushkarlal Kedia and the representative organization of Agarwal Samaj of Eastern India have played a critical role in the construction of Maharaja Agrasain Dham. The ideals and principles of Maharaja Agrasain inspired us to resolve to build Agrasain Dham. Maharaja Agrasain is known for social upliftment; thus the purpose of building Agrasain Dham is also social upliftment, in which we are implementing services to uplift education, health, training, self-employment, and cultural. Maharaja Agrasain Dham is not only a religious sight for the people but also a new inspiration for the youth and society. Maharaja Agrasain was an ideal man and the best national leader of his era, who renounced the Kshatriya religion and adopted the Vaishya religion. Maharaja Agrasain is not only a source of inspiration for Agravansh but also an ideal for all humanity. A large section of society is unaware of these golden ideals of Maharaja Agrasain, which inspired us to lay the foundation of Agrasain Dham so that people can understand Arya culture more deeply. In the known history, after Maryada Purushottam Ram, Maharaja Agrasain started strong democratic administration, an ideal family system, the establishment of socialism, non-violence for self-enlightenment, and well-organized married life with truth and harmony. Carrying forward these same traditions and ideals, his descendants did many remarkable works, like building schools, colleges, hospitals, libraries, temples, and dispensaries to uplift the society.


Maharaja Agrasain was a warrior, king and a leader born on 15th September 3082 BCE (5102 years ago ),vikram sanwat 01st Ashwin 3139 BCE (5159 years ago),Sanatani(arya) by birth ,believed to be the 15th generation of Lord Ram(Vishnu Avatar) in the last stage of Dwapar yug. Being the son of Maharaja Vallabh,(king of Pratap nagar ,in today’s Rajasthan) and Queen Bhagwati Devi.

Maharaja Agrasain was an embodiment of Sacrifice Compassion ,Non- Violence, Messenger Of Peace , World Prosperity and a True Socialist.

One Brick One Coin was the policy given by Maharaja Agrasain to his entire kingdom.

1 Brick to start the Residence Building and 1 Coin to START OWN TRADE.

Prince Agrasain was very well known for his compassion , who never discriminated against anyone and his courtiers were very pleased with the way he conducted himself during his childhood.

Unfortunately, his father Maharaja Vallabh was martyred during the Mahabharat War, which began from 22nd November 3067 BCE for the struggle of Pandav’s for the throne of Hastinapur Kingdom. The Pandav’s side being led by 55-56 years old Lord Krishhna. During the martyrdom of Maharaj Vallabh, Prince Agrasain was 15 years old, being eldest son, Prince Agrasain was crowned as successor.

Maharaja Agrasain married Princess Madhavi , daughter of king Naagaraj in a Swyamvar. In the Swyamvar , Princess Madhavi selected Prince Agrasain by putting the garland on him. This marriage led to mix two different family cultures. Prince Agrasain was a Suryavanshi & Princess Madhavi was a Naagavanshi. Indra, the king of the Devas was smitten by the beauty of Princess Madhavi & planned to marry her, but however now since Indra had been unable to marry Princess Madhavi , Indra got jealous & angry with Prince Agrasain and sought revenge against him. Being also the Lord of Rain, he made sure that Pratapnagar, kingdom of Maharaja Agrasain did not receive any rainfall, thereby resulting to drought and famine.

Maharaja Agrasain being angry with Indra waged war against him & because he had Dharma on his side, his forces won and put Indra’s forces to plight. Facing this situation Indra approached Narad to mediate between him and Maharaja Agrasain. Narad, then mediated a peace between them.

Maharaja Agrasain started a severe penance to propitiate Lord Shiv in the city of Kashi. Pleased with the penance of Maharaja Agrasain, Lord Shiv appeared and advised him to propitiate Goddess Mahalaxmi. Maharaja Agrasain again started meditating for Goddess Mahalaxmi, who appeared before him, blessed him and suggested him to take up the Vaishya tradition of business for the sake of prosperity of his people. She asked him to find a new kingdom and promised that she would bless his descendants with prosperity. So, he gave up his Satya tradition to uplift his descendants and for future prosperity.


With the blessings of Goddess Mahalaxmi, Maharaja Agrasain started out with his queen and travelled all over India looking for a suitable place to set up his new kingdom. While traveling, at one of the place he found a few tiger cubs and wolf’s cubs playing together and it was an indication that the area was Veerbhumi (Land of the Braves).This land became prosperous as agriculture and trade flourished and thus the land was named Agroha.

Agroha, is present day’s Hisar in Haryana. Agroha is developing as Agrawal’s holy station with big temple of Maharaja Agrasain and Vaishnav Devi. Agroha has been a prosperous city under the leadership of Maharaja Agrasain, hundred thousand traders lived in the city happily.


Any immigrant wishing to settle in the city would be given a Rupee and a Brick by each of the inhabitants of the city. Thus, the immigrant would have a hundred thousand bricks to build a house for himself and a hundred thousand rupees to start a new business. This is a unique example of a welfare estate.


Maharaja Agrasain conducted eighteen Maha Yagnas(Sacrifice) for the prosperity of the people. During one such yagna, he noticed that a horse had been bought to be sacrificed and was trying to get away to save his life. This scene filled Maharaja Agrasain with pity and he thought as to what prosperity can be achieved by sacrificing mute animals. The idea of Ahinsa grabbed Maharaja Agrasain’s mind. Maharaja discussed it with his ministers and they believed that if Maharaja Agrasain turned towards Ahinsa, the neighbouring kingdoms might consider it as a sign of weakness and feel brave enough to attack Agroha. At this Maharaja Agrasain mentioned that putting an end to violence and injustice does not mean weakness and therefore there should be no violence and killing of animals in his kingdom.


Maharaj Agrasain conducted eighteen Maha Yagnas and their by divided his kingdom amongst his eighteen children and established the eighteen gotras after the names of the Gurus of each child. These same eighteen gotras today are like eighteen chapters of the Bhagawat Gita , even though they are different from each other , they are still related to each other from the whole.

The eighteen Rishi’s who performed the eighteen yagnas were:

  • Gargashya Rishi
  • Gobhil Rishi
  • Gautam Rishi
  • Vasta Rishi
  • Kaushik Rishi
  • Shandilya Rishi
  • Mandavya Rishi
  • Jamini Rishi
  • Tandya Rishi
  • Aaurva Rishi
  • Ghaumya Rishi
  • Mudgal Rishi
  • Vasishta Rishi
  • Maitreya Rishi
  • Taireya Rishi
  • Bhardwaj Rishi
  • Kashyap Rishi
  • Nagendra Rishi

The prosperity of Agroha, caused heartburn in many of the neighbouring kings and they frequently attacked it. Due to this aggression, Agroha had to face numerious problems. In due course, the strength of Agroha was sapped. Because of the fire, the citizens of the city fled and dispersed into various areas of Bharat. Today, these same people are known as Agarwals and still have the same 18 gotras that was given to them from their gurus and carry on the fame of Maharaj Agrasain. As per Maharaj Agrasain’s guidance the Agarwals are in the forefront of social service.

The 18 Gotras are as Follows:

  • Bansal
  • Goyal
  • Kuchhal
  • Kansal
  • Bindal
  • Dharan
  • Singhal
  • Jindal
  • Mittal
  • Tingal
  • Tayal
  • Garg
  • Bhandal
  • Nangal
  • Mangal
  • Airan
  • Madhukul
  • Goyan

Our Mission

Maharaja Agrasain Dham works with a mission of Social ,cultural and religious upliftment of the society,also build schools, colleges, hospitals, libraries, temples, and dispensaries which we will implement works like education, health, training, self-employment, and cultural upliftment.

Our Vision

The vision of Maharaja Agrasain Dham is to work towards the ideals and principles of Maharaja Agrasain. It is built to provide Education, Health, Self-Employment training, Social and Cultural uplifment, helping to create Ideal Family system, Healthy Democracy , Socialist State and Social Harmony.

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